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Children and Family photographer in Normandy France 

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary for portrait photography of your children in Normandy, France?

Photo sessions usually last between one and two hours and are nearly always an outdoor-based shoot with the emphasis on everyone being themselves so the images bring out lots of love and personality. Photographe de famille et d'enfants - Normandie - Manche, Calvados et OrnePhotographe de famille et d'enfants - Normandie - Manche, Calvados et Orne

I prefer to shoot in an "editorial" style, which means that while I may do a few posed shots of your child, I prefer to watch them, interact with them, and capture through the lens those moments that parents will want to hold on to forever. Being a mother of three myself, I realise that childhood is fleeting and my desire is to deliver clients breathtaking images that seem to stop time...even if just for a moment. Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-ete-sous-les-arbres-9442Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-ete-sous-les-arbres-9442Photographe de Famille | Été sous les arbres dans la campagne Normand © Sabina Lorkin @anibasphotography

I focus on your child, not some prop or backdrop or staged pose. All my photo shoots are different because your children are unique.

Photographe-de-mariage-saint-lo-normandie-celine-patricke-5647Photographe-de-mariage-saint-lo-normandie-celine-patricke-5647Céline et Patrick - Photographe de mariage - Manche (50), Calvados (14) et Orne (61) - www.anibasphotography.fr

How does a photo-shoot happen?

A photo shoot of your children or all together with you as a family is also a little 'reportage' of you and your family and your life together. You choose a location that appeals to you such as the seaside, a woodland or a lakeside. Wherever takes your fancy. Then we then walk and discover the location all the while with me taking candid images of you enjoying being outside together. We'll do some posed photos too of course, but most of the time we'll keep moving allowing the children to run, jump and play. Having fun meens I'll capture mnatural spontaneous smiles.

In Normandy we're lucky to have so many beautiful places for photo shoots: Forests, beaches, parks, lakes, chateaux and the Mont St Michel. We're spoilt for choice. Feel free to ask me for suggestions if you're not sure.

photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouville-03photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouville-03 portraits-enfants-noel-photographe-normandie--26portraits-enfants-noel-photographe-normandie--26Photographe d'enfants en Normandie Sabina Lorkin | Anibas Photography

What should we wear ?

Make the most of it, this your chance to dress up, if you want to to. You don't have a professional shoot every day so have fun and go for it!

Don't forget to think about your accessories such as jewellery, hats for example. For families and even for couples have a think about coordinating your colours. Now this doesn't mean you have to be matching, it's not necessary. The idea is that you 'tone' well together. You choose to all be wearing cool tones, all wearing natural earthy colours or all pastel tops for example. Don't be afraid to bring lots of different textures.

The idea is to harmonise so everyone is as 'visible' as everyone else. To avoid for example everyone wearing cool tones and one member is wearing a bright red top. I also recommend avoid large images and logos on T-shirts which can be distracting.

Feel free to bring a change of clothes of accessories for you and your children to make the most of the session.

IMG_4995-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-aliceIMG_4995-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-alice© Sabina Lorkin @anibasphotography IMG_9468-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-enfants-champs-de-bleIMG_9468-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-enfants-champs-de-blePhotographe de famille | Séance photo dans les champs de blé | Normandie © Sabina Lorkin @anibasphotography IMG_9455-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-enfants-champs-de-bleIMG_9455-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-enfants-champs-de-blePhotographe de famille | Séance photo dans les champs de blé | Normandie © Sabina Lorkin @anibasphotography IMG_3014-Edit-photographe-de-famille-saint-sever-calvadosIMG_3014-Edit-photographe-de-famille-saint-sever-calvadosPhotographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - Normandie - @anibasophotography IMG_0321-photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouvilleIMG_0321-photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouvillePhotographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - Normandie - @anibasophotography Photographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - NPhotographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - NPhotographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - Normandie - @anibasophotography IMG_4305-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-dans-les-foretsIMG_4305-Anibas-Photography-photographe-de-famille-normandie-dans-les-foretsPhotographe d'enfant en Normandie - Une séance photo dans les forêts © Sabina Lorkin @anibasphotography

What's included in the price ?

  • A two hour relaxed photo session
  • Selection and individual post production editing of the images.
  • Private online photo gallery with password protection.
  • Your choice of 30 digital files, from selection in the gallery.
  • Full resolution high quality images to be provided for download directly from my website.
  • A set of 'social media sharing' images, prepared for web and email

Prices from €300.00


Packages are available with prints or enlargements instead of digital files


Photographe-basse-normandie-manche-calvados-orne-4747Photographe-basse-normandie-manche-calvados-orne-4747Photographe - Manche (50), Calvados (14) et Orne (61) - www.anibasphotography.fr IMG_0576-photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouvilleIMG_0576-photographe-de-famille-a-la-plage-gouvillePhotographe de famille - Sabina Lorkin - Artisan photographe - Normandie - @anibasophotography Anibas-Photography-Photographe-Enfants-Normandie-Manche-Calvados-Orne-4149Anibas-Photography-Photographe-Enfants-Normandie-Manche-Calvados-Orne-4149Photos de mariage par Anibas Photography - France -

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