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Welcome to your photo gallery of your surprise marriage proposal and engagement photo shoot at the famous Mont St Michel here in Normandy.

As there are 300 photos I recommend scrolling to the bottom of the page first, which will force the images to load all at once. Whilst it's doing that, grab a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy discovering your photos. Alternatively click the 'slideshow' button to view them individually and full screen size.

You'll see that I've included plenty that are amusing such as where the wind was blowing your hair all over the place and that chatty lady in red by the archway. To me they all tell the story of your proposal and visit to the Mont.

Downloading is dis-activated at the moment whilst you view and choose your images. 30 are included with the package. If you'd like to have a larger number or the whole gallery please let me know and I'll give you a cost for the additional purchase.

You can either make your selection of images by clicking on the 'select photos' and clicking the little heart icon and then 'add to favourites' (top right). At the end you can then send me the list via my website (It is easier to do on a larger screen than on a phone). Alternatively you can email me a list of the numbers at the beginning of the file names.

You will be free to use the high resolution images you've chosen as you wish. Should you like to order photo-books, gifts, enlargements or framed prints, online purchasing is also activated but there's no obligation of course. You are free to use another supplier of your choice using the downloaded files but I can't guarantee quality, contrast or colour. Purchases made through this website are fulfilled by photo labs in the US and are priced in dollars for your convenience with home delivery and secure payment.
I really hope you like them.