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When should I book my Wedding Photographer?

Booking a wedding photographer and having beautiful photographs that chronicle your wedding day is one of the greatest things the two of you can do for your family and for yourselves. These pictures will become a testament of your legacy. Every crucial moment, detail and important person at your wedding will always be remembered. This is your time. Let the life you lived once upon a time someday take your children's breath away... and then someday their children's.

You may think that choosing a wedding photographer is something that you can leave until later but it is actually something that should be organised as soon as possible.

The style of the photos and their presentation is so important to your wedding day that leaving the choice of photographer until later can be risky.

[title size="2"]Remember that a Wedding photojournalist, like me, only carries out one wedding per weekend and that means that I can only work for one couple each weekend.[/title]

If you have found the style of photography that you would like for your Wedding day don't hesitate to get in touch with the photographer and to meet with them. As I have mentioned it is important to meet with your professional photographer in person to see if that you are all comfortable with each other. It is also good to chat about having a pre wedding photo shoot so the photographer can give you some guidance and tips if you've never been professionally photographed before.

Many wedding photographers take bookings up to 2 years in advance so to avoid disappointment the first thing to check is whether your preferred photographer is available for your wedding date. Once you've met and decided that you'd like the photographer to cover you wedding then you will need to sign the Wedding photography contract and pay a deposit to reserve the date.