Why choose a professional and not use 'Uncle Bob' for your Wedding Photography.

So why not use Uncle Bob for your Wedding Photography? He has a new camera and has offered to photograph your wedding for you for free, as your wedding present. It seems like a great idea doesn't it? Well, I wouldn't be too quick to take him up on his offer, generous as it might seem.

When you are arranging a wedding, one of the most talked about suppliers is the photographer. Opinions vary from an absolute must, to “who cares?” and almost without exception the price is something of a hot topic.

The first thing to think of is “why do you need a photographer?” Pretty obvious at first thought – you want pics of your wedding. But why do you want pics of your wedding, and what does that do to your decision first as to whether you hire a photographer, and secondly, which photographer do you want?

Despite the electronic age, the advent of smartphones, Social Media and HD video, still photographs remain the most chosen way to show memories, and this is the reason most brides want photos.

Firstly, on your wedding day, you don’t see each other until you meet at the altar or the registrar, so a lot happens while you are apart. The only way to share your individual memories are through photos.

Second, from experience on both sides of the camera, the day passes SO quickly, you will be asking yourselves if some of it actually happened.

And Third, you will have friends & family present who you may not see again for a long time, and images of them all will be a timely reminder of them in later years.

So, the general consensus is that “Wedding Photography is a good thing”, which then leads to the question as to who should do it? As a professional photographer, of course I would say – “Get a Pro”, but there is more to it than self interest. There are many couples who are happy to have just a few images taken from the various guests’ cameras, and to enlarge perhaps one to hang on the wall. With requirements this small it is difficult to go wrong, and they will almost certainly get their wish.

For most, though, more is required, and a photographer needs to be selected. The choice is enormous, from a friend in the office with a new digital camera, to the Royal Photographer, and obviously the prices vary as much.

Under ideal circumstances, a sunny, summer day in a fabulous castle in unbelievable countryside, almost anyone will be able to garner enough decent images to satisfy a bride & groom. Unfortunately, there is a long queue to book these venues, and there aren’t always enough to go round. For the rest of us, we choose great venues, but are at the mercy of the weather etc. on our chosen day.

This is when the fun begins. Does the office colleague know how to compensate for low sunshine, horizontal rain, poor lighting in the reception area and bridesmaids turning blue in the freezing cold? Probably not! Neither does he know how to handle Uncle George who hates having his photo taken and is refusing to take his place in the family group.

Also, what happens if Uncle Bob suffers equipment failure? Would he have full backup equipment?

Have a read of this light hearted comparison of 'Uncle Bob' vs professional wedding photographers - Featured on the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers website

Photography is not guess work, its an art and science. If your photographer doesn’t have the qualifications and the professional equipment needed to photograph a wedding, then they cannot possibly get it right. Backyard photographers will cause only grief, professionals display their results with pride

Be smart – use a Professional”